Home Security System Buying Guide

home security system buying guide

What do you need to know before investing into Home Security System?

Don’t just buy home security system without planning and considering all of the aspects of your existing infrastructure. Throwing money on wireless security cameras without performing site survey first, could have huge negative impact on performance sometimes even complete failure. Choosing the location, determining best wire route and figuring out best camera resolution for the specific area is just a part of the smart pre-installation strategy.

So where do you start…

  • Plan – (type of the system, amount of cameras, features/analytics, budget)
  • Layout – (physical system layout would be extremely beneficial)
  • Determine existing environment and infrastructure (structure type, wire run path, wifi site survey, tools needed, etc)
  • Install – (physical system installation/ wire pull / camera placement)
  • Configure & Adjust (Configure your recorder, adjust and focus your cameras if needed)
  • Test & Maintain (test to make sure system in full operation, maintain from camera cleaning to recorder check up)

General question to ask yourself

  1. Would I be able to install security system myself or hire an expert instead?
  2. Do I have all the tools needed to complete the job? (Drill, Fishing Tape, Plates etc.)
  3. What type of the structure I’m dealing with, what is my longest cable run, do I have dedicated power source for the cameras or they going to be powered by POE?
  4. What type of the system would work better in my environment wireless or wired?
  5. If wireless, what is the maximum broadcast distance? is there any physical obstacles in between? how far would each camera be away from the recorder?
  6. Type of environment (indoor/outdoor)?
  7. Form factor of the cameras dome or bullet?
  8. Do cameras have to have IR (night vision), PTZ or any other feature/analytics?
  9. What is the minimum cameras needed to cover the premises?
  10. Should I buy stand alone recorder or use VMS (Video Management Software/Server)

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