How To Clean Security Cameras & CCTV

CCTV & Security Camera cleaning

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Why should I clean my security cameras?

A picture is worth a thousand words – take a look at image of the security camera in one of the busiest sites in Panama City Beach. As you could see, this high definition 2MP 1080P bullet camera is so dirty that security personnel thought that there was something wrong with camera. Often, management and business owners consider surveillance equipment maintenance plan is a low key priority, and have no interest in maintaining security cameras in-house. Remember, in case of emergency quality of the video footage will also depend on how clean the lenses and bubbles of the security cameras are. By maintaining your surveillance equipment properly like other electronic equipment in your office or home you are not only improving their life but also increasing their efficiency for long time. For all your security camera cleaning needs in Panama City, Destin, Mexico Beach, Port St Joe and Santa Rosa Area contact Cybersmetrics today.

What cleaning solution should I use to clean my security cameras with (cctv cleaner)?

Remember, like with any other electronic device use only factory recommended cleaners while performing this task. You should NEVER use general purpose cleaning solutions due to a potential damage it may cause to surveillance equipment. After trying several CCTV/security camera cleaners we have picked “top security cleaning solutions” based on the outcome, amount and price.

Security camera cleaning supplies

# 1 Camera Shine 8oz Surveillance / Security Camera Cleaning Kit

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Camera Shine security camera cleaning kit consist of two components cleaner and microfiber cloth. It’s a perfect cleaning solution for high definition dome or bullet cameras. Safe on indoor, outdoor, tinted and IR coated lenses, brackets, or housing on security cameras. One bottle of this cleaning solution will approximately do 150- 160 cameras.  We were able to clean 36 cameras using 1/4 of the bottle. Not only it cleans well but also provides a polished coat.

Price: $25 – $30

Available: Amazon Market Place




#2 Dotworkz DWSLTN Dome Wizard Cleaner

cleaning solution cctvDotworkz DWSLTN Dome Wizard Cleaning Solution is a professional lens and Optics cleaner that allows you to clean lower lens and optics without leaving any residues. It dissipates static without making use of harsh chemicals such as alcohol, ammonia or detergents. The Dome Wizard Cleaning Solution comes with neutral pH, offering optimal performance, and the streak free cleaning solution makes for increased scratch resistance. Product works great even on extremely cloudy/dusty bubbles, the only downside requires you to purchase microfiber cloth separately. One bottle will approximately do between 65-85 cameras depending on the environment.

Cost: $16 – $25

Available: BH Photo Video


How to clean security cameras without using a ladder or lift?

If you are looking for a safe way to clean your security cameras without risking your life than Dome Cleaner PRO is the tool you need to have.

DomeCleaner-PRO-2017-Kit-Vertical-New dotworks

The DomeCleanerPRO is made from the latest in carbon fiber technology reducing weight while increase strength. The all new MicroFiber mitt absorbs and releases more DomeCleaner ProClean solution which means that cleaning any surface is faster and without leaving streaks.

The DomeCleanerPRO is engineered to clean and maintain the exposed lens or dome “bubble” lens of outdoor and indoor surveillance camera enclosures and mini dome cameras, as well as flat lenses on static or fixed camera housings.

This low tech tool is highly effective in providing optimized maintenance of all security or CCTV cameras exposed to low light, low sun angles, rain, ice, polluted areas, smoke, dust and other contaminates that can impede the cameras view

CCTV/Security camera cleaning

Price: $750 – $779

Available: dotworkz

For more information on how to maintain your security cameras, contact Cybersmetrics today.