Forensic Video Enhancement

Often video footage captured by CCTV/IP cameras could be impacted by low light conditions, blurriness and other factors which creates a challenge while performing investigation. At Cybersmetrics we now have an ability to forensically enhance your video footage while preserving the integrity of the original video clip. The success of digital video enhancement services is directly dependent on the methods applied by the expert, as well as the original quality of the recording. The quality of a video is evaluated based on compression rate, spatial resolution, and FPS (frames per second). Our most common video enhancement services include enhancing security camera footage and audio and video enhancement as CCTV surveillance systems are recording more and more video evidence. 

Video enhancement methods

If the camera is shaky throughout a recording, we can significantly reduce movement which will improve quality of the final footage.

This process reduces the effect of blurriness and improves sharpness from lens or motion blurring.

If a critical incident happens too quickly, we can decrease the speed for clarity.

We can zoom into area of interest and upscale the video resolution

When the footage is too dark or light, we can modify the shadows and highlights

Highlighting, subject tracking, text identifiers like names of subjects and more.

Forensic Video Enhancement - Panama City Beach, FL