Considering video doorbell camera for your home?

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Everyone wants a video doorbell camera for their home in 2021, they look cool and come with user friendly interface. Ring and Nest constantly advertising them, and your neighbors keep encouraging you to get one ASAP. Now before you consider investing into buying WiFi video door bell to protect your family, let’s briefly talk about some of the biggest disadvantages of this device. 

Cloud Storage – what a magical term it’s. Your valuable video footage is uploaded to the server somewhere in India or Pakistan at the secure location of the Amazon cloud. Now – You must have constant connection to the internet to the Ring camera in order to upload footage into the cloud, if for any reason that connection is terminated – there is no footage. To make this device even more vulnerable, Ring doesn’t have a slot for an SD-Card which could at least provide temporary storage redundancy in case of the lost connection to the cloud.

WiFi – Before considering purchasing a video doorbell camera, start with a simple WiFi site survey, this task will allow you to get an idea on what type of connection you will get at the particular location. You could always move your router or install additional WiFi extenders to provide better coverage.

Power – In majority of the cases Ring gets 16 VAC from existing door bell chime, now unless you have generator what happens when power goes out at your home or somebody compromising your electrical circuit. Seems like a better alternative would be either purchasing Ring Transformer or Poe Adapter to run this device on battery back up instead.

Ring and Nest are not the only option which is available on the market today, brands like “HikVision” and “Tought Dog Security” also have their own concept of this device, if you would like to see a live demo visit our show room at Panama City Beach, FL.